“Don’t Trust The Mirror”

We all do it. We all tend to look in the mirror and see the things we don’t like about ourselves, instead of seeing the good things, the beautiful things. “My nose is too big”, “I’m too small”, “I don’t like my legs”… We all know it and we all do it. But is that how strangers see us, too? Do they even notice what we think are imperfections? What if they don’t? What if the feautures we don’t like about ourselves are exactly what people think are beautiful about us?
I found a video on Upworthy that does exactly that: showing people that the parts they are self-conscious about are exactly the parts that make them beautiful and unique.

“I’m really self-conscious of my round face, especially my cheekbones”, one man says. He doesn’t know that a stranger is standing behind the mirror and, without hearing what the man is saying, remarks: “He has really nice cheeks!”

Click the video to see the whole experiment for yourself.

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““Don’t Trust The Mirror””

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